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A US underwater investigator has said he believes he has found the wreck of the Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus's famed expedition.
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Nigeria is ready to talk to Islamist militants Boko Haram for the release of more than 200 abducted schoolgirls
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VIPTopia Welcomes you all!

Welcome Stickamers

Due to the unexpected closure of stickam.com and overwheming requests for an alternative Viptopia has decided to promote a group chat for Stickam members who wish to stay connected with their friends. So you and any of your friends from stickam are welcome here, and can create you own room here just like you had there.

 VipTopia is a site accessible world wide on a pc or mobile where you can make a free profile. Need an opinion on a hot topic? Post a poll about it on our site and see what others have to say.  Post videos and pics or post in one of our free forums. We just added Texas Hold 'Em poker on the site, you can play against all other site members and playing is free! you can get to the texas hold em poker game by either clicking the link in the "live poker" box on the main front page. You can also get the to texas hold em poker page by clicking the "poker" tab in our games section on the site, and lastly we have also added a poker link in the chatrooms soon as you login before you choose your room to chat. VIP has it all and it's all free!

VIPTopia is more than a chat site, in addition to our no registration MOBILE chat option VIPTopia meets a wide variety of your social networking needs, including, but not limited to:

- Poker: We have now fully intergrated Texas Hold 'Em poker on this site, so you can now play poker with any and all site members. So if you like poker and like playing against yoru friends, Viptopia is now the place to do so!.. playing poker on Viptopia is FREE.. we play for fun and no gambling is allowed!.. So spread the word and invite all your friends and lets all have some Poker playing fun!

- BLOGS: Have a creative side, looking for somewhere to be heard, or wanting to expand your audience and exposure. VIPTopia has a customizable blog, including tags to reach your target audience even quicker.

- GAMES: Thousand’s of Free games to keep you entertained. Compete for high scores, championships, and even battle! There’s something for everyone with category’s like; shooting, racing, puzzle, strategy, classics, sports, pinball, flying, trivia, and RPG. and yes we have mobile games.

- DATING: Dating is fun and easy at VIPTopia.  We are excited to provide our members with the ability to browse for mobile dating, dating chat, and mobile dating chat and searching for singles, locally or abroad. Meeting and dating the person of your dreams is only a click away. Don’t forget to send them a Free drink while you’re at it. Online dating has never been so easy!

- MUSIC: Upload and share your tunes! VIPTopia gives artists and fans alike the opportunity to create and grow beyond their normal fan base.

- VIDEOS: Browse hundreds of videos, or upload your own. And play our videos on any cell phone or mobile device, we have mobile videos!

- GROUPS: VIPTopia allows you to moderate your own group, and chat with others who share your interests.

MOBILE Chat - VIPTopia mobile chat makes it easier to stay connected and chat with its Free Mobile chat rooms. That’s right, from any mobile phone, anywhere in the world! No smarts required, access our Mobile Chat rooms from ANY cell phone that has an internet connection and a browser. It’s fast, easy and FREE, because VIPTopia wants you to be able to chat on your time, no matter where you are. VIPTopia now offers a full free mobile site as well. We’ll automatically detect when you’re on your cell phone, to make your browsing experience quick, and enjoyable. You can use our chats with no account needed!

- HD CAM & AUDIO CHAT: Available In our fun & exciting Free to use Main chat room.

We Proudly run on Host For Web servers! The best support and hardware money can buy!

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